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Emily Gomez

My name is Emily Gomez and I am a bag expert and founder of the Bagsnexus website. I have worked as a designer with several bag manufacturing companies for more than a decade.

In my work lifetime, I have been asked severally by friends to recommend the best bags toward achieving certain purposes, including gym and traveling bags with a combination of enough space for personal items as well as the comfort of carrying. I have realized that people are clueless on different types of bags and their best utilization. This created the base of this website the main aim being pooling of different bags together and segregating them on their size and purpose. This best has been achieved by follow up of best expert review and advice.

I believe everyone wants to buy a bag that they are sure will serve their purpose in the best way possible not worrying if it’s truly durable, spacious, smart, or even best to serve different events that they might attend.

Appearance, enough space, and flexibility are some of the key factors that help the user have peace of mind. This comfort increases self-esteem which in turn raises both the health and productive life of the individual.

This bags review website hopes to reach and assist the following groups among others,

1) Gym goers. The best type of bags are brought into discussion and which give value to their money.

2) Frequent travelers who require an expert’s opinion before purchasing a bag that will serve them depending on the period they anticipate to be out of their home.

3) Grocery shoppers who need to keep their groceries fresh. The blog gives details of various bags that have the capacity to hold enough quantity and maintain temperature for the best moisture content.

4) A person who wishes to enjoy homemade food at their workplace or during hikes, the blog has reviewed the best bags in the market. The reviews enlighten on factors to consider when choosing the best bag such as hygiene and temperature extension

Bagsnexus wishes to thank you for putting your confidence in our reviews.We remain dedicated to earning your continued loyalty and confidence in our abilities to serve you better.