10 Best Camera Sling Bags (Reviews and Buying Guide)

Camera Sling bags are like a hybrid of backpacks and shoulder bags that have a primary shoulder strap that is worn across the body. Photographers are gravitating towards these bags because they are lightweight in design and allow quick and easy access to a camera without taking off the bag. Over prolonged use, these bags are much more comfortable compared to shoulder bags. However, the glaring downside to these bags is that they often offer small storage capacities. In this article, we shall delve into what to consider when purchasing a Camera sling bag, how to wear the bag properly for optimum comfort, and even how to pack your bag so that it fits the gear you require. We also give you our ten best recommendations so that you can have a better and shorter consideration list once you decide to buy one.

1. MOSISO Camera Sling Bag

MOSISO Camera Sling Bag


  • It is a water repellent bag.
  • Contains several compartments for personal belongings.
  • Equipped with soft foam layer.
  • Flexible shoulder strap.
  • Sling design.
  • This is a multifunctional sling bag which is professionally designed for DSLR / SLR / Mirrorless cameras of different brands, such as Canon, Nikon. Compatible with Nikon D5300, D5600, D3400, D3200, D3300.

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Do you want a sling bag that assures safety for your gear and accessories? Sling camera bags do not get better than this. Suitable for DSLR, SLR s and mirror-less cameras, this sling bag from Mosiso should be at the top of your considerations.

It is built using water-resistant to keep your camera gear dry as we all know moisture is always bad for cameras. The camera bag also comes with a soft foam inlay to prevent shocks to your camera gear as you haul it around. This camera bag also has two compartments to separate your gear if you desire to. It has a strap on the side to carry your tripod.

In addition to a mesh bag, your tripod will not be going anywhere. You will also be happy to learn that this bag has an adjustable shoulder strap to help you carry your gear in the most comfortable way you can. The main compartment comes with interchangeable inserts that come in handy if you own more than one camera brand or a great variety of lenses. This will give you a little extra peace of mind and will also ensure you always carry the most important components in your collection of camera gear.

This camera bag also comes with a pocket situated on the backside for your personal belongings such as a cellphone. This location is especially great for security as it always rests on your back as you are on the move. You will have no problems finding your perfect color with five colors to choose from.

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2. Altura Photo Backpack Bag for DSLR and Mirrorless Cameras

Altura Photo Camera bag


  • It has adjustable padded dividers.
  • The main compartment has a convenient zippered side opening.
  • It has a Top compartment.
  • Padded sling strap that rotates to front.
  • Comes with a Satisfaction guarantee.

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Do you want a sling camera bag from a reputable brand? Altura has a great reputation in the camera accessory field and they have an understanding of the demands that have to be met.

That being said, therefore, it is expected that this camera bag from their brand meets all your needs. It has a main compartment that will fit your DSLR and mirrorless camera body and several lenses that you deem necessary to carry on your camera endeavor. The main compartment is accessible via a side opening door.

Considering that this is a sling bag, a side opening door will go a long way in easing accessibility to your gear when you swing the bag to your front. The sling also has a chest strap for that much needed extra stabilization. It also comes with a handy compartment above the main one that comes in for carrying your camera accessories without getting in the way of your camera body and lenses.

This extra compartment in conjunction with numerous meshed interior pockets makes the organization very easy and stress free. It is as if Altura has already organized your camera bag for you beforehand. It also has a strap to carry your tripod. We all know how a camera bag with no space for your tripod can be stressful.

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3. CADeN Camera Bag – Waterproof

CADeN Camera  Sling Bag


  • Large Capacity Size:12.2*9.45*4.72inches.
  • It’s made of high density waterproof nylon.
  • Honeycomb three-layer breathable comfort nylon mesh mat, and more padding.
  • The shockproof and breathable mat comes with one hidden pocket.
  • It has a Shockproof shoulder strap.
  • Has a drawstring at the bottom, used for tripod and monopod
  • Detachable and customized DIY inner bag.

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Want a tough and usable sling camera bag? Well, this camera bag has an aura of toughness written all over it. This is one of those camera bags that will be at home anywhere you take them in the outdoors. CADeN Camera bag has a design that steps out of the status quo for sling camera bags. It has a cross-body design for extra comfort as you carry your camera gear around.

This bag is constructed using nylon all around on the exterior making it durable and waterproof. Nylon will last long in normal usage conditions and with little exposure to harsh conditions. This sling camera bag manages to use all the volume available constructively as the side opening flaps also double up as pockets for your accessories that may include memory cards and extra batteries. One of these flaps has an external mesh pocket that you will find very useful for your personal items such as your cellphone.

As mentioned above, this camera bag is very compact and takes advantage of every small space available and for that reason, you may be surprised at how much you can carry even if the bag has a small footprint.

This sling camera bag also comes with straps that hold your tripod very comfortably and securely under the bag body. Its compartment is encapsulated in shockproof material that protects your camera from accidental bumps that may cause harm. Right of the bat, you are always aware that this bag is designed for external use as it even comes with a rain cover for even more waterproofing.

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4.Vanguard Alta Rise 43 Sling Bag for DSLR, Compact Camera

Vanguard Alta Rise bag


  • It has a Magic’ pocket – full length, padded internal pocket.
  • Padded sling strap & securing strap.
  • It is equipped with air system back for comfortability
  • It has a total coverage rain cover.
  • A bright colored interior that makes finding things easy.
  • Well organized with dedicated pockets for all essentials.

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Looking for a large expandable sling camera bag? Rising quite tall is what this sling camera bag does; both literally and figuratively. It is not by any means a small camera bag. It is no surprise therefore that you can easily fit up to five lenses as well as your DSLR body and several camera accessories all at once. And if you think all that is enough, think again as this bag is still expandable; a fact that the manufacturer lets you know thanks to a large “+6” label.

This bag is therefore expandable via a zipper to let you store even more. The best thing about this is that you can always collapse your bag to a more compact size when you do not need the extra storage. Comfort for you is a key point the manufacturer has thought about. The camera bag spots a padded back as well as a comfortable shoulder sling for maximum comfort all around.

This camera bag also comes with a strap for your tripod. Its main compartment is brightly colored to help you spot your camera gear. Understandably, some people do not like this bright coloring but it is there for better organization as it contrasts any common camera gear out there. This camera gear is built to keep your gear dry by keeping out any moisture. That, as well as the inclusion of a rain cover, means that moisture has no chance against your sling camera bag.

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5.Fitdom Tactical Sling Bag for Men

Fitdom Tactical Sling Bag for Men


  • It has 2 exterior easy access pockets.
  • 4 interior compartments.
  • It is constructed from 600D luggage polyester and heavy duty zipper.
  • Tactical molle webbing and adjustable jacket straps.
  • It is wear resistant, durable, and guarantee it will last for years.
  • Has an extra mesh cushion to reduce sweat.
  • Equipped with Extra wide 2 inch waist strap made for all body size from 20 inch. to 56 inch.

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Are you are looking to buy a tough and rugged sling bag? Well, this is a great consideration. Photography and video-graph y have always been games of tact. And one great tactical move you can make in this field is purchasing a nice sling camera bag that works. One of the best sling camera bags that money can buy is this offering from Fitdom. 

This bag is much more than just a sling bag as it can be used as a fanny pack. It is most suitable for men but that should not stop any ladies from buying this bag. It is built to last long and endure the harshest of conditions that life may throw at it.

This sling bag has you spoil t for choice when it comes to pockets. With four compartments on the inside and two exterior pockets, you can hardly run out of space for your camera and camera accessories. It spots two straps that you can use to strap your jacket, tripod, or monopod securely as you move about. Its shoulder strap is also very adjustable and for that reason, this bag serves a huge spectrum of body sizes without any hustle.

This sling bag is also a bag that is “not scared” of the outdoors. One look at this bag’s construction will have you believe that it is tough and it does act as tough as it looks.

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6.USA Gear Camera Backpack Case with Adjustable Padded Dividers

USA Gear Backpack case


  • Durable sling strap design.
  • Quick rotation for easy access to all your camera equipment.
  • Has a removable rain cover.
  • It is equipped with adjustable interior compartment.
  • padded dividers to enable you add or remove to suit your needs.
  • Multiple storage pockets.
  • It has a comfortable padded shoulder strap.
  • Padded back support.

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A sling bag that almost has everything thought about, this USA gear sling camera bag has great usability written all over it. It has a well constructed durable nylon exterior. Nylon is a material that favors waterproofing and sure enough, this sling camera bag is also waterproof. Its shoulder strap is one of the most comfortable ones around thanks to the generous amount of padding in the strap.

Comfort is not only catered for you but for your gear as well as it always stays away from the elements and protected from shock inside this camera bag. This sling bag’s main compartment is accessible from the side to increase efficiency at the location of the shoot.

This main compartment is also very customizable with custom dividers for your camera lenses as well as other accessories you carry with you. Worry not if you own a tripod as this camera bag will support your tripod comfortably thanks to a strap tailored for that.

It’s top compartment has a wide opening meaning that it is very easy to slide a case in or out. This is especially important and will come in handy if you have a drone that comes with its case. You can just slide that in rather than pack the drone again on its own in the bag.

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7. Camera Backpack,Beschoi- Waterproof

Beschoi Waterproof Camera Bag.


  • It has a waterproof travel backpack.
  • Keeps your gear organized and protected
  • This bag has heavily padded shoulder straps that make the bag comfortable on the go.

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Looking for great value for your money? This offering from Beschoi is full of features that you would not expect at its price point. It has three main compartments for your camera gear. The top compartment opens wide and may be used for your large telephoto lens or your small accessories. The lid on this compartment has a meshed pocket that may be used to store your memory cards and extra cables.

The second compartment is situated in the middle of the bag and it is most suitable for your camera. This compartment is accessed via the side which makes a lot of sense for ease of access to your camera whenever you need it. The third compartment is located at the bottom and should ideally be used for extra lenses. This compartment can comfortably hold fairly long lenses.

This bag also comes with two straps on its right side to hang your tripod easily and securely. Alongside the three main compartments, you will find very functional pockets strewn on the sides and backside for your small accessories. This sling bag is water-resistant and will be surely keeping your gear dry. Carry your DSLR camera easily as well as flashes and lenses in an organized and compact package.

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8. Lowepro Slingshot 102 DSLR Camera Bag

Lowepro Slingshot 102 bag


  • It has a Hideaway Tripod Mount system.
  • Secures a compact tripod or monopod to side of the sling via foldout holder.
  • The sling bag has a SlipLock attachment loops.
  • Expandable carrying capacity.

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Do you desire a large and tough sling camera bag? With space for up to 3 lenses and a DSLR, step into the world of sling camera bags with this bag. It is built to be durable and last long.

This sling camera bag features two main compartments that store away your gear with use. In the camera compartment, space can be managed easily with the dividers to adapt to any camera model and lens size for a snug fit that will prevent the gear from moving around inside the bag. On the camera compartment lid, there is a meshed pocket for the small accessories that would otherwise get lost if not well cared for such as memory cards and small batteries.

As we have come to expect from any modern camera bags nowadays, this sling camera bag also comes with a mount to carry your tripod securely. The shoulder strap on this camera bag is well padded and you can carry this bag for a long period with little or no discomfort whatsoever.

This sling camera bag from Lower pro also comes with a built-in cover to protect your sling bag and its components from moisture as well as other harsh elements. The handle situated on the top works well when you wish to carry your bag in a handheld position or situations when you have to hang the bag on a hook.

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9. Amazon Basics SLR Camera Backpack Bag

AmazonBasics SLR Camera Sling


  • It’s Made of Durable black polyester/nylon exterior.
  • It has an ample interior storage.
  • Internal Dimensions: 7.5″ x 5″ x 12″ (LxWxH)
  • External Dimensions: 8″ x 6″ x 16.5″ (LxWxH)

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Think features and this camera bag immediately springs to mind. Amazon basics cover all the basics in terms of features you expect from a camera bag. First things first you have a main compartment with space for your camera body as well as a few extra accessories at your disposal.

This compartment is brightly colored to help you easily locate the small accessories that contrast with the bright color. Efficiency goes right back to the small things such as being able to locate your gear faster when snapping away at a shoot location.

This compartment also comes with adjustable dividers to plan your space better and to suit your style as well as your camera. A tripod is a key accessory in the camera field and this sling camera bag has a strap with a buckle for carrying your tripod. With a nylon exterior build, expect the best in terms of water resistance. That does not, however, mean that care should be thrown to the wind as prevention is always better than cure. Consider getting aftermarket rain proofing if you intend to shoot in harsh wet weather.

This camera bag will struggle to carry your big DSLR cameras but will be right at home with smaller SLR s and mirrorless cameras. Furthermore, photographers and especially those that travel a lot are moving towards more compact carries.

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10. Zeikos Bag for Professional Camera and Accessories

Zeikos Sling Bag


  • Multiple dynamic compartments.
  • Durable, and Reinforced Design that Comes with nylon and soft exterior cushioned interior.
  • sling strap design.
  • New stabilizer strap holder.
  • It has Adjustable Interior Compartment with multiple storage pockets.
  • Comfortable and Padded Shoulder Strap.
  • Padded back support -provide extra cushion for extended wear.

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Want a light yet functional sling camera bag? This camera bag gets something that other camera bags struggle to get right; the balance of lightness and functionality. It is well built with waterproof material to keep all your camera gear inside dry.

This camera bag also has a very large main compartment that is adjustable to adapt to your lenses. A personal touch to keep your camera gear safe is always welcome. As well as the main compartment, you will also have numerous pockets to choose from for your camera accessories that would otherwise dent the main camera body and lenses. But the extra storage does not stop there with this bag as you will find a side strap to secure your tripod or water bottle.

This side strap comes in very handy and can often be overlooked but its importance is often. If looks top what you look for in a camera bag, I am happy to report that this camera bag looks stylish and classy. Its nylon construction is also durable and will last a long time. Its shoulder strap carries extra padding to help you up to your levels of comfort as you focus on the creativity front for your art. You will not have any problems carrying around your professional camera as well as your camera accessories in this bag.

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How to organize a camera sling bag

Before we delve deep into organizing our sling bags we first need to familiarize ourselves with what we can carry in these bags. This is explained below.

What are you supposed to carry in your camera bag?

Traditionally, these bags are meant to carry just the essentials due to their limitation in size. However, due to their increasing popularity and growing market, manufacturers are designing bigger and more versatile bags. Most of these bags nowadays have room for a phone, a tablet, and possibly a small laptop. Some also have mounting points for a tripod and even a compact drone. Just how big or how versatile a sling camera bag will be will largely depend on how much you pay for it. 

Bearing in mind that you may not have the same ability to store as many accessories like a large size backpack you need to be clever while packing these bags. This can be a good thing altogether as it keeps you selective about what you choose to take on your photography adventures. However, your primary objective should be to protect your gear so that it does not suffer damage as you carry along with the bag. The steps below will assist you on how to organize and protect your gear in the bag.

Step 1: Place your camera in the camera compartment

You can decide whether or not to store the camera with the lens on.

If you want to store the camera with the lens on make sure the lens has a cover. If you decide to take the lens off make sure the lens area of the camera is covered. This is the most valuable part of your camera and dust or dirt can easily damage it.

Step 2: Find suitable compartments to fit all your lenses

You can decide to measure the compartments and compare these measurements to those of the lenses you plan to store in your sling bag. Make sure these compartments have a cover on both the front and the back to protect your lenses.

Step 3: Look for a room for your charger

You can place your charger in one of your lens compartments. If this is not an option, you can place it in one of the larger zip pockets of the camera bag.

Step 4: Find a protected pocket for your SD cards

The most preferable option would be to use a little pouch for easy access so that you do not lose any of them.

Step 5: Look for a pocket to put your cleaning items

Dedicate a specific pouch to put your lens cleaning cloths.

Some tips to assist you further: 

  •  Keep your equipment in the same place so that you can find it quickly.
  •  Use silica gel packs if you are venturing into areas with high humidity or high condensation. These little bags absorb any moisture around your camera and serve as a great protection against moisture damage.
  • Secure items such as your tripod or monopod with the designated straps on the bag.
  • Only keep the camera equipment in your camera bag. Put all your keys, cards, and personal items in another bag.

How to wear a camera sling bag

These bags usually have a primary shoulder strap that is worn across the body. This strap is designed to go on one shoulder only. For most of these bags, you cannot switch the strap so that it goes over your other shoulder.

Wearing these bags is quite an easy and straightforward procedure. You need to hold the bag by the strap and swing it over your neck such that the strap goes across your chest and the bag rests on your lower back. These bags also have adjustable buckling so that you can adjust the strap according to your own preference.

A good camera sling bag will also feature a stabilizing strap that is fastened around the waist. Without this stabilizing strap, the bag tends to swing around which can be quite distracting and uncomfortable.

Factors to consider when purchasing a camera bag

  • Size of the bag. This will be influenced by how much equipment you wish to carry in this bag. Also, consider how deep the bag is for the biggest lenses you wish to carry. But do bear in mind that that the more kit you carry along with you the heavier the bag will be. A considerable amount of weight on one shoulder will most likely induce shoulder and neck strain.
  • The types of cameras that you will be carrying. Sling bags are perfect for mirrorless cameras and light DSLR kits. Sling bags are more practical for lightweight camera kits. For heavier camera kits a backpack is more ergonomically appropriate.
  • Whether you will travel with your bag or not. If you travel a lot with your gear you will require a nimble bag that transforms for travel. Some bags even feature removable camera inserts so that you can remove your camera gear from the bag and keep it protected while your camera bag has turned into an everyday sling bag for all the stuff you need to carry.
  • Where will you be shooting. One should consider the level of weather protection that you will need. If you are traveling outdoors and in climates where the weather can quickly change, look for camera sling bags that have a built-in all-weather cover.

If you just need basic weather protection, a bag with modern water-resistant fabrics will function well.

  • Whether you will carry along your digital devices. Carrying all your digital devices in a single solution is often a must for traveling photographers. Don’t settle for a camera sling bag that does not have dedicated compartments for your devices. 
  • The camera bag style. This is the most challenging part for most people. There are so many choices available and it all comes down to personal preference.