Top 10 Best Gym Bags in 2021 (Buying Guide and Reviews)

If you are a sports enthusiast or work out frequently, you will want to own a good gym bag to help you cart your gear and equipment conveniently. A dedicated gym bag should be comfortable and easy to clean.

These gym bags are designed to help you put all your essential items or gear on hand when going to the gym, fitness center, yoga, camping, or everyday life. They can also be used as backpacks for hiking, overnight bag, an airline carry-on bag.

Investing in a gym bag that you love makes you excited and brings attention to the workout themselves. When choosing a piece, you should consider whether the bag will fit in your lifestyle, what you need to carry, color textures, and fabric. 

So to help you buy the best gym bag, we have researched hundreds of gym bags and we came up with a list of 10 best gym bags. Whether you go to the gym before going to class or office and need a good office-worthy bag or you are more interested in the functionality, we have the best pick for your needs bellow. 

These list of gym bags are our most preferred and personal favorites. They are both stylish offers the best functionality.

1. Under Armour Undeniable Duffle 3.0 Gym Bag

Under Armour Undeniable Duffle 3.0

Wade through the rain and tough weather conditions comfortably with this Under Amour Undeniable Duffle 3.0 Gym bag. The water-resistant material makes it possible for you to travel in rainy and harsh environments without damaging your gear. The bag allows you to organize and store your gear in different pockets for easy packing and to avoid mixing up the accessories. It’s way bigger than you would imagine, you can carry all your gear and still have room for extra accessories. Materials used are weather-resistant, which assures you it will serve you for years to come.

Water-resistant finish 

It is made with a polyester fabric that is water-resistant to protect your gear. With this bag, you can travel in any weather and your essentials will still be safe from water and other elements. Polyester is a flexible material and is mostly used in making water-resistant bags which makes it a good choice. It has a smooth finish and it’s also tear-proof.

Tough bottom and side panels

This gym bag is a perfect choice for outdoor survival, long-distance hiking, and carrying heavy gear. It has a hard panel at the bottom and the sides to minimize the effects of an impact hence protecting your gear from damage.

Front large zippered pocket 

The front zippered pocket allows you to carry your gear safely without worrying about losing them. The pocket is large and can fit a few items and still be able to organize your items.

Padded top grab handles

To make it easy for movement, the duffel bag has been designed with a handle that you can hold. The handle is padded for comfort and to offer a good grip when carrying your gear.

Large vented pockets

When going to the gym or other activities, you may require to carry shoes or laundry. This large vented pocket is specifically designed for this purpose. The bag also has other internal slip pockets to help you organize your items well. The slide mesh pocket lets you stash and grab things like gloves, water, and power bars.

Adjustable, padded, HeatGear shoulder straps

For total comfort, the bag has adjustable padded shoulder straps and this makes it easy to carry it on every activity.

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  • Water-resistant
  • Padded straps
  • It’s Tough
  • A large vented pocket
  • Machine washable


  •  No zip pouch inside

2. Travel Duffel Bag, Sports Tote Gym Bag.Pink

Travel ,Sports Tote Bag.Pink

Travel in style and enjoy your weekend with this Travel Duffel Bag, Sports Tote Gym Bag, Workout Duffel Bag, Overnight Shoulder Bag, Weekender Carry on for Women, with separate wet pocket. To avoid the hustle of having a different bag for wet towels and misty stuff, it has been excellently designed with a waterproof pocket for this use. It’s very easy to pack the bag when you have a different type of accessories thanks to its outstanding organizational features and pockets. At only a fraction of the cost of other designer bags, you get a durable and affordable bag for travel and everyday use. It’s the perfect choice for a quick dash to catch the next train or airline travel.

Airplane friendly 

 This is a perfect choice for airline travel because it’s designed with integrated trolley sleeve slides that can be fitted over a rolling luggage handle, hence making travel and a breeze. It’s ideal for women who travel for business and personal travel.  

Dry wet pocket and separate functional pockets

With many separate pockets for a different use, you can easily separate wallets, cell phones, keys, makeup, and any other small valuable items you might be carrying.

Water-resistant and high-density material

The bag has been made with water-resistant material with very high density to help you separate wet essentials and dry items. The wet pocket can carry wet towels or clothes without leaking water to the other dry pockets.

Wide application

It is a nice choice for sports activities, yoga, basketball, hunting, hiking, camping, fishing, tennis, travel. It can be used as a gym bag, travel duffel bag, school duffel bag, and many other countless activities. This makes it a great and reliable companion for all women.

Multipurpose design

This Tote Gym bag has a pocket for every need. It is a unique design and very convenient for travel and any other activity. It has one main large compartment which can hold a few items, a separate pocket inside the bag, and an external pocket to help you organize your items in one bag. This ensures that you have a pocket for everything you need without carrying different bags.

Stylish and elegant 

With its sleek and minimalist design, this elegant designer bag has everything you would need and still looks great.

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  • It’s multi-purpose
  • Water-resistant
  • Separate pockets
  • Airline travel friendly


  • Small in size

3. G4Free 40L 3-Way Duffle Backpack Bag for Men and Women Sports

G4Free 40L 3-Way Backpack Bag for Men and Women Sports.

Are you looking for the best unisex duffel backpack? Look no further, the G4Free 40L 3-Way Duffle Backpack Gym and travel bag is the best buy. This classy duffle bag will fit all your needs by increasing the comfort and convenience part of your travel. The bag ranks high among the most affordable backpack bags that are made with high-quality materials. It’s stylish and very comfortable to carry. G4 free backpack is made with the best quality materials that are tough and can withstand harsh weather. This amazing bag has a smooth texture and amazing color.

Versatile duffel bag and backpack

All in one! It’s a versatile bag that can be carried in different ways, you can use it as a duffel bag and it can also be used as a backpack. With detachable and adjustable shoulder straps that are padded for comfort (5 straps and a strong and reinforced D loop handle at the top), you can be able to sling the bag over your shoulders or even carry it with the two handle straps on one side. This is one of the most flexible gym bags.

Multi-pockets and size

The bag has a 40L capacity. It has a huge compartment inside with a mesh, 2-way zipper pocket, which has a U shaped opening to allow you to have an easy time when parking your items. There is an upgraded shoe compartment that has been ventilated to keep your dirt gear and shoes separate, which can hold a maximum shoe size 12. A side pocket that has been redesigned to hold your water bottle, passport, notebooks, headphones, and other items. One front zipper pocket to hold your iPad.

Multipurpose bag

You can take it anywhere with you. It can be used to carry your gear when going to exercise at the gym, getting away for a weekend of camping. This bag comes with a small carrying pouch, you can use the pouch as a handbag and you can fold the bag and store it inside the pouch without taking too much space which makes it very easy to carry the bag.

Water and tear-resistant

The 40L 3-way duffle backpack is made from water nylon fabric and high-quality SBS zippers with pull strings. The stress points are reinforced with solid stitch, comes with enough extra compartments, it’s very durable and built to last long. It suits every occasion, you can go camping, travel and everyday life

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  • Tough and durable
  • It’s a multi-purpose bag
  • Water-resistant
  • Multipurpose 


  • It’s not shockproof

4. Bago Gym Bags for Women and Men

Bago Gym Bags for Women and  Men

Simplify your travel with Bago Gym Bags for Women and Men. It is designed for budget shoppers. One of the characteristics of this bag design that makes it outstanding is the size which may be an advantage, it’s much smaller and therefore you will only carry what you need most. If you just need a simple and stylish bag to help you move with your gear to the gym or from one point to another, this is the perfect choice for you. What makes it amazing is the additional features that include two yoga mat straps, a suitcase holder and a zipper pocket at the back to help you organize your gear.  

Lightweight, waterproof and durable

This amazing bag is made to last for a long time and be able to withstand the impact of sports adventure and reusable travel. The fabric is of very high quality and waterproof to protect your gear from water and weather elements. 

Packable Travel and duffel bag

With this bag, you can use it as your carry-on weekend bag, yoga duffel bag, traveling overnight bag, and take it folded inside your luggage and unfold it when you need more space for laundry, gifts, or gear.

Another feature that makes it a great choice is the suitcase holder, this holder helps you carry the bag on a suitcase at ease.

It’s a gym bag for both women and men

It has a large pocket inside that can be loaded with things like shoes. The pocket is waterproof and you can carry towels, bathing suits, and smelly clothes. Features two large mesh pockets for water bottles, 2 front pockets, an inner pocket, and one back pocket.

Multipurpose 40 Liter sports duffel bag with a detachable shoulder strap

It weighs only 1.3 pounds, has external pockets to help you organize your gear. This bag can be used for multiple purposes, you can use it for travel, hiking, yoga, it can be used as a gym duffel bag and camping duffel bag. It comes with additional and detachable shoulder straps that are padded for comfort when carrying.

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  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Unisex
  • Multipurpose
  • Waterproof


  • Small 
  • It’s not shockproof

5. Mouteenoo Gym Bag 40L Sports Travel Duffel Bag for Men and Women

Mouteenoo Gym Bag 40L Sports Travel Duffel Bag for Men and Women

One of the features that make the Mouteenoo Gym Bag so practical is the separate shoe and wet stuff pocket that is ventilated. This bag is designed to help you organize and carry your gear safely without mixing the dirty stuff with the clean ones. It is built with the best tough materials to ensure it lasts for a long time without being damaged. Another positive thing about it is that it’s versatile enough that you can take it with you to any activity, you can use it as a traveling bag, gym bag, you can carry your gear when going to yoga, camping, and many other places. 

Very comfortable and lightweight 

It is made with lightweight materials to ensure that you are comfortable when carrying it from one place to the other. It has a separate ventilated compartment with small air holes to separate your gear. There is also an extra waterproof pocket inside where you can put your wet stuff inside, especially things like swimming suits, wet towels, it is designed in such a way that it’s very easy to clean and convenient.

Sturdy water-resistant material and durable 

The material used is nylon and sewed with strong nylon thread to make sure it will never be torn at the seams. Zippers used every pocket are metallic, you will hardly meet common zipper problems with this bag. The manufacturer has focused on every detail to ensure the gym bag is of the best quality you can find.

Separate compartment for shoes, water bottle mesh, and a wet stuff pocket

There are two separate compartments inside. One is ventilated and can be used for carrying shoes and dirty stuff, the other pocket is waterproof for wet clothes, this ensures that you don’t mix up your gear.

After-sale service

When you purchase this gym bag, you are provided with a lifetime warranty and if you meet a quality problem you can contact the manufacturer for a replacement.

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  • Lightweight 
  • Durable
  • Waterproof
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Has separate compartments 


  • No built-in locks

6. Yugefom Dry Wet Separated Sport Gym Duffle Holdall Bag

Yugefom Dry Wet Separated Sport  Duffle Holdall Bag

When it comes to packing your gear into a carry-on bag you should consider finding a multipurpose bag that will fit everything you need. This amazing bag has a compartment for shoes and comes in different colors you can choose from. It can carry all your gym gear perfectly; you don’t have to worry about room for all your equipment because of its medium size. It is a nice bag that can greatly increase the convenience of your workout and travel routine. The Yugefom dry, the wet separated gym bag is a famous brand that is long-lasting and provides value for your money.  

Multipurpose uses

This bag has 2 padded shoulder straps that are durable and can be adjusted to make it a rucksack or backpack. The bag Has a detachable shoulder strap that can easily turn the bag to a shoulder bag. It is very convenient because you can carry it and use it as a backup in case you need more space or your suitcase swells.

Wide application 

 It’s a reliable and perfect companion for outdoor sports and indoors. You can use it to carry your gear when going on a hike, hunting, fishing, camping, and many other outdoor activities. It’s suitable for use as a gym bag, travel duffel bag, and school duffel bag.  

 Separate shoe compartment

The separate shoe compartment is designed to help you carry sports shoes with ease in your travel bag, if the shoes are dirty they can’t stain the other gear because it’s separated. 

Two colors to choose from, black and pink

Black color can be preferred by males and females. A pink bag can be a good choice for young ladies. The gym bag is designed to be used by everyone which makes it the best choice.

Separate dry and wet compartments

Separate pockets are designed to help you carry all your gear in one bag without mixing them up. A wet compartment can be used to carry wet clothes, towels, and swimming costumes, even if they are dirty, they can’t stain other gear in the bag.

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  • It has a dry and wet pocket separated.
  • Wide application
  • Two colors, black and pink
  • Multipurpose gym bag
  • Durable


  • Only two colors available

7. SIYUAN Sports Duffel Bag Water Resistant

SIYUAN Sports Duffel Bag Water Resistant

Make traveling easy with this stylish Siyuan sports bag. It is simply the best duffel bag because of its high-quality material and very simple design to pack all your items in one bag. The bag is durable and you can still use it for many years to come. It’s an impressive design that is made to make traveling easy, comfortable, and enjoyable. It’s easy to carry and has extra compartments for every accessory you might need to carry. This workout bag is stylish, you will want to show it off!

Suitable for different occasions and large capacity

This gym bag is the best buy when looking for a stylish duffel bag that is stylish and can be used on different occasions. You can take it with you to the supermarket and pack your one week shopping in it. It’s also a great choice for carrying your gear when going to the gym, yoga, football, hiking, fishing, camping, basketball, and all kinds of sports like a workout. It has a total of 8 large pockets.

Super water-resistant 

The material used in making this gym bag is water-resistant. When rain on water pours on the bag, it will just roll and fall out because the material doesn’t absorb water. It’s also very easy and fast to clean the dust on the bag, you will only need a wet tissue or towel to wipe out the dirt and your bag will be new again.

It’s easy and convenient to carry

It has anti-slipping padded shoulder straps that are detachable and can be adjusted to the length of your choice. The bag has been designed with a comfortable Velcro to wrap together with the carrying handles from all sides. The shoulder straps are anti-slipping and padded for comfort, they can be detached and adjusted.

High-quality material

It’s made with 1680D Oxford cloth which is 100% polyester lining. The fabric crease-proof and water-resistant, it keeps a new and fashionable appearance and it’s very easy to wash.

Durable accessories

Four round blocks are attached to the bottom of the bag to help reduce wear and tear, they also prevent damage. This round blocks help in reducing wear and tear of the bag and make it durable. Gym Fitness Bag adopted high-quality zippers customized for this bag only, zipper pullers are metallic with the brand name SIYUAN.

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  • Durable
  • 100% polyester
  • It has anti-slipping padded shoulder straps
  • It is water-resistant
  • Multipurpose
  • High-quality zippers


  • No built-in lock
  • It’s not shock resistant

8. MIER Large Duffel Backpack Sports Gym Bag

MIER Large Duffel Backpack Sports  Bag

If you are looking for a heavy-duty gym duffle backpack for short trips or long trips, this MIER heavy-duty duffle backpack is the best choice you can find. It’s easy to pack your gear and carry the bag, which makes it outstanding from the rest is the comfortable shoulder strap and four burly webbing handles that make it very easy for hauling. It’s an all-weather gym bag and the main compartment zipper path is covered with overlapping rain flaps. Many compartments make it easy for you to organize your gear. The great thing about it is that it has a separate ventilated shoe compartment, made with high-quality fabric and zippers. It’s very unique and can serve you for many years.

Comfortable padded straps 

It has 2 dual adjustable and detachable backpack straps that are padded for comfort and makes it easy to move with the bag. There are 4 soft grab handles attached to the sides to provide you with multiple carrying options. Another great bonus is a sternum strap that can be adjusted to make it easy and comfortable to carry heavy gear.

Multi-functional pockets

Inside this amazing bag, there is the 1 inner compartment with a zipper and one open pocket. On the outer part, there is one zipper compartment at the front and one large side zipper, a shoe compartment with small ventilation holes which can be used for shoes. It also has one pocket for towels and toiletries and at the top, there is a water-resistant compartment to keep your ID at the top.

Water repellent duffel bag

Tarpaulin is used in making this wonderful bag and it’s reinforced with a double-layered tough and tear-resistant floor panel. It’s designed for use in all weather and harsh environments. This is the best bag for hiking, climbing, gym, traveling, camping, car trips, and any other outdoor activities you may indulge in.

It features a functional construction 

Innovative compression straps are on the bags are designed to help you compact large loads. It’s built with smooth `MIER` customized zippers and very strong buckles. Every stress point is box-stitched to ensure that it’s tough and lasts for many years.

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  • It is water-resistant
  • Multi-functional duffel backpack
  • Durable
  • Heavy duty
  • Padded strong zippers and buckles 


  • Only one color

9. Gold BJJ Jiu Jitsu Backpack – Heavy Duty with Waterproof Gi Pocket

Gold BJJ Jiu Jitsu Backpack - Heavy Duty with Waterproof Gi Pocket

The Gold BJJ Jiu Jitsu Backpack is designed to make traveling and sports adventures fun and comfortable. It’s simply the best backpack that has been built to last for long and help you organize your gear. It’s a very comfortable gym bag, it’s easy to carry and has some outstanding features you can’t find in other gym bags of its kind. The bag has great organizational features, making it easy to pack your gear thanks to its array of pockets. While there may be much bigger bags in the market, the features and construction of this bag are quite weather-resistant and stylish at just a fraction of the cost of other bigger models. 

Waterproof GI pocket

This elegant design has been built to withstand all weather and protect your gear from damage. It has a waterproof pocket that you can use to carry your sweaty gear, this helps you to keep your dirty stuff away from the clean gear in one gym bag. 

Heavy-duty materials

The bag is stitched together and reinforced with extra stitches to ensure it serves you for a lifetime of adventures. The fabric used in making this stylish bag is top-grade nylon, it can withstand all weather and protect your gear from water damage.

Easy to carry and convenient  

This Gold BJJ Jiu Jitsu Backpack has comfortable straps that can be adjusted to your preferred size. It is designed by athletes who use and train every day, this means that they understand your needs in a sports travel bag and they have come up with this unique model to help you carry your gear at ease and comfort. 

Organize your gear in different compartments

When searching for the best backpack for your adventures, it’s very important to consider the organizational features provided. This gym bag has been built in such a way that you can be able to pack easily and it will also be easy to find your accessories in the bag when you need them.

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  • It is water-resistant
  • It’s made with heavy-duty materials
  • It has a waterproof compartment 
  • Multipurpose


  • Only black color available

10. Elite Sports Boxing Gym Duffle Bag

Elite Sports Boxing Gym Duffle Bag

The Elite duffel gym bag is focused on providing you with a convenient way of carrying all your accessories in an organized manner. It is probably one of the versatile models on the market. The bag has more than enough space for storing all your gear or anything else that you might need. With its multitude of compartments, you can be able to organize everything you want to carry in a practical way. It is spacious and versatile, this gym duffel bag has everything you would need for sports and day to day life.

It is made of heavy-duty materials

This bag has been carefully designed with tough materials that are also used in making heavy-use military bags. A high grade ballistic 1200 denier sewed together heavy-duty Cordura are the materials used in the manufacture elite duffel gym bag. The materials are of high quality and heavy-duty, they are known for durability, strength, and resistance to tearing.   

It’s versatile 

It has a lot of extra compartments that are great for keeping and storing your valuables safe, and a dedicated GI, Kimono, or jacket strap. The reliable and convenient shoulder straps can be adjusted accordingly to transform the bag into a sport or traveling backpack

Mesh compartment with water-proof lining inside

It incorporates a mesh compartment with a waterproof lining to separate dry gear and wet clothes or towels. This compartment ventilates your wet and dirty gear. There is also an extra compartment built purposely to store or keep your shoes on the side of the bag.

It’s a compact design

The warrior series BJJ Gym Duffel backpack bag is made to fit MMA and boxing gloves, GI or JIU Jitsu Kimono, kickboxing shin guards, and other essential accessories in one bag. It has extra pockets where you can put your gear and move with it at ease.

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  • It’s versatile 
  • Durable
  • Has a mesh compartment
  • Durable 
  • Made with heavy-duty materials


  • No zip pouch inside

What to pack in a gym bag

Deciding what to pack in your gym bag doesn’t have to be a tough experience. Here in this checklist, we are going to look at the essentials you need in the gym.

You should avoid guesswork when packing your gym bag, this will save you time and frustration. By just picking what you need and the right amount ensures that you have all you need for the workout.

We have all thought of packing nail files, different types of juices, and other unrelated equipment, but honestly, you don’t need that at all. When packing your workout gym bag keep it simple and only take what you need to avoid being weighed down by unnecessary stuff. Before heading to the gym, check and make sure you have packed these essential items in your bag.

1. A pair of sports shoes -There is no worse feeling than getting to the gym and you realize that you forgot to pack your pair of sneakers in your gym bag. Seriously, how are you supposed to work out in a gym without a pair of shoes? Avoid such frustrations by always remembering to pack your shoes first. Also, do not forget to pack a pair of socks, some gyms will charge you for a pair of socks and a towel, bring yours instead.

2. Reusable water bottle – When working out, water is very important, so you must make sure there is a bottle of water near you at all times. Reusable water bottles are the best because you can refill them if you run out of water.

3. Gym clothes – Just like your pair of shoes, you don’t want to be caught in the gym without the appropriate attire. To make sure you don’t forget any essentials, make a list of what you need and pin it on your bag if you forget something just check your list.

4. Towels  Towels can be a lifesaver after you are done working out. You can use it to remove makeup and sweat. You should not forget this at all, they are very important. Bring your fresh towel from home. 

5. Deodorant – This one should be very obvious. Keep your deodorant near you before, during, and after your workout. You should use a lightly scented deodorant on your underarms frequently and always ensure it’s on hand in case you need it.

6. A comb – Avoid annoying tangles completely by packing one wide-toothed comb in the gym bag. This is a gentle tool that you can use to remove knots and snags from your hair strands. 

7. Shower essentials – It’s good to have a shower after a workout, make sure you pack a small makeup bag with all your shower essentials. You should have slightly scented body wash soap, shampoo, and conditioners. 

8. Dry shampoo – If you feel that you don’t have to take a shower after a workout, which can happen to anyone. Pack a bottle of your preferred dry shampoo, it will help you soak excess sweat and oils from your hair and at the same time add texture and volume to your roots.

9. Headphones – For those of us who are experienced in gym workouts, we all know that a good pair of headphones with some motivating music can make a difference in the quality of a workout. Whether you prefer the tinny earbuds or large headphones, ensure you have your favorite inside your bag before you head out. 

10. Supplements and snacks – snacks and supplements are very important when working out because you need the energy.

How to pack a gym bag

Well done! You did a nice job choosing the best gym bag for carrying your essentials to the gym, now what’s next? How should you pack your gym bag? Does it matter what you pack first or last? What if you have a busy schedule and you have to carry the gym bag all day? We will answer all these burning questions and other related issues bellow, so you won’t have to overthink it not knowing what to do.

Don’t sweat it: this is how you should pack the perfect workout gym bag.

When parking a gym bag, all spare clothes, underwear, and socks should be at the bottom of your bag. This is because they are there on a just in case basis, and you might not even use them or take them out of the bag, so make sure you have them out of the way to make room for other essentials you must use.

All snacks and supplements should be placed on top of the spare essentials. You should pack the towel you want to use for the shower and toiletries in a waterproof compartment.

Now it’s the best time to load your gym shoes, deodorants, shampoo, make-up, gym clothes, shower essentials, combs, and other immediate essentials.

Gadgets should be put in a separate compartment. Shakers and water bottles are kept in a separate pocket, they should upright to avoid spilling.

When you get home, you should unpack the gym bag. Remove all your stuff and load it into the washing machine, this will help you avoid the foul smell from the sweaty gear.

There you go: you can now hit the gym with confidence!

How to wash a gym bag

If your bag is made of different fabrics, mix equal parts of white vinegar and warm water, after that add a small amount of Dawn dish soap. Wipe the bag down using a soft sponge on the inside and the outer side until its clean. Then use clean water to remove the soap.

It doesn’t matter which method you use to clean your bag; the most important thing is to make sure you clean it regularly. This will help in preventing the spread of germs and bacteria even before it starts spreading out.

Factor to consider when buying a gym bag

With so many options of different gym bags available, it can be tough to make the right decision. How should you choose the best gym bag? What makes a gym bag better than the others? Here is what you should consider when shopping for a gym bag.

1. Durability

when shopping for a gym bag, you want it to last you longer than a month and longer. Some of these bags look good on the outside but depending on which materials are used to make it can fall apart within a very short time. You will need a bag that can last you for a longer time. Gym bags made of ballistic nylon in particularly last longer and they can’t be torn easily.

2. Comfort

A comfortable gym bag will make you feel motivated to go to the gym. If a bag is not comfortable, it can cause you serious back and shoulder pain and injuries. It is important that you get a bag that feels comfortable. You should not be soar because of your bag. Your workouts are the ones that should make you soar.

3. Easy to clean

Foul smell from your gym bag is not a good thing at all, and if you don’t like going to the gym, this would be a complete turn-off and you wouldn’t feel motivated. Buying a gym bag is all fine and dandy until it becomes a mess. Make sure you buy a bug that can easily be cleaned with water and a small amount of soap.

4. Style and aesthetic

This is the most underrated factor that is not considered when buying a gym bag. Invest in a bag that makes you feel confident when carrying it, this will help you feel motivated to work out, and you deserve a beautiful bag to be proud of.