10 Best Leather Duffel Bags-In-depth Review

When you bring together the spaciousness and elegance of a suitcase with the suitability of a backpack, what do you get? Leather Duffel bag! They’re a great companion for frequent travelers who choose to pack just enough.

They have varied uses in that they can carry your laptop, personal items, sufficient clothes, and some toiletries for a week depending on how you pack. 

There are numerous duffel bags in the shops. Therefore, ensure you get an expert’s opinion before purchasing one. We have reviewed ten of the best duffel bags and a buying guide for you to make an informed decision. 

Types of Duffel Bags

1. Basic Duffel Bags

If you want a simple and pocket-friendly bag for a weekend tour, a basic duffel bag is an ideal option. These duffel bags are light and powerful and are mostly used for camping.

They are available in different sizes and models and you can, therefore, keep some for camping, gym, and other trips. However, if you want a stylish duffel bag, find one with a shoulder strap for extra coziness and convenience.

2. Backpack Duffel Bags

These are normal duffel bags with built-in backpack straps to make transportation easier and secure. They are the most versatile luggage bag type and also among the most popular sports merchandise.

3. Wheeled Duffel Bags

These duffel bags are suitable in carrying hefty luggage.We recommend that you should take into account a duffel bag with wheels as it’s fit to support a lot of weight. Wheeled duffel bags are also ideal for long tours like business trips and summer holidays.

Best Leather Duffel Bags Review

1. Oversized Leather Duffel Bag-Weekender

Oversized Leather Duffel ag


  • Made of high-quality PU leather
  • It has magnetic button pockets and small zip pockets concealed on the sides
  • Suitable for both men and women

The Oversized Weekender Travel Bag’s interior has one main section, 1 zipper pocket, two small pockets for keeping mobile phone or money. It also has 1 elegant magnetic button pocket, and one small zipper pocket concealed nicely on the side.

This bag is bigger than the ordinary sports bag and it’s appropriate for 3 to 4 days weekend or business excursion. This high-quality duffel bag has adjustable shoulder straps which makes it fit for most people. 

It also has a soft shoulder belt cushioning. If you pack a lot of items in your duffel bag, you’ll find that it’s cozier and calm than a bag that doesn’t have shoulder strap padding. The bag has a thickened leather lining and doesn’t wear or tear if you pack a lot in it. 

It’s versatile as you can use it as sports, overnight, travel, or a gym duffel bag, or even carry-on baggage for men and women.


  • It’s available in grey and brown
  • It comes with a waterproof canvas which prevents wear and tear
  • The sturdy construction ensures durability
  • The high-quality zippers keep your items safe
  • It’s comfortable when carrying it, thanks to the rounded handles


  • The size description is erroneous

2. Polare Full Grain Cowhide Leather Duffel Bag (20-Inch)

Polare  Bag (20-Inch)


  • Made of high-quality authentic leather
  • The Inside part is made of durable cotton fabric
  • It has high-quality YKK zippers

If you’re going on a weekend tour, the best choice would be the Polare Weekender Bag. You can take it with you on your next holiday or trip. If you hold it and then take a look at it, you’ll get a first-class impression of the travel bag’s construction and material.It’s made of authentic Italian cowhide leather which feels great when you touch it. If you put that together with the design and the handcrafted stitching, you get a high-quality travel duffel bag that’ll last long. 

The premium quality exterior of the duffel bag together with the interior storage makes it a perfect choice for your weekend trips. The roomy inside storage makes packing easier for several days’ trip. 

Just pack your clothes and go for an adventure. Thanks to the versatile carrying options, you can either use the handle or carry it on your shoulders for convenience. This bag offers the carrying capacity, functions, and form that make it the best men’s weekender duffel bag.


  • The zippers help in keeping your items safe
  • The metal studs at the base prevent scratches and sliding
  • It’s multifunctional as it has two carry options; handle and shoulder straps
  • It comes with numerous pockets
  • The high-quality material makes it durable


  • Its color may stick on clothes
  • The zippers can break easily

3. Full Grain Leather Duffel Bag

Full Grain Leather Duffel Bag


  • Manufactured using top grain buffalo leather
  • Has adjustable straps
  • Can be used by both men and women

Pack all your stuff in this stylish duffel bag. Thanks to the tear-proof interior, you can store your stuff in the main compartment, while several other pockets offer room for keeping small items.

This duffel bag is made of high-quality full-grain buffalo leather which is known for durability and long term use. The handmade adjustable belt is equipped with a rust-free original brass buckle and a durable lining.

The detachable and adjustable straps can be stretched up to a maximum length of 56 inches and gives you the coziest fit. The bag is roomy and versatile as it has one big compartment which can accommodate all your traveling necessities. 

To keep small things such as your first aid kit and toiletries, it has two zipper pockets on either side. This rustic brown unisex duffel bag is robust, solid, and secure. You can use this bag during weekend overnight trips or use it on official business trips and it’s also a thoughtful and wise present to travelers. 

This duffel bag is ideal for short holidays and trips, outdoor games, camping, and business trips, and hiking. 


  • The handle and adjustable shoulder straps make it comfortable to carry
  • It’s roomy as it can accommodate a lot of stuff
  • The bag can be opened wide for stress-free packing
  • It has a pleasant smell


  • It’s somewhat costly

4. Komal’s Passion Large Travel Bag

Komal’s Passion Large Travel  Bag


  • It’s made of full-grain leather with a durable canvas lining
  • It has detachable shoulder straps and numerous zippered pockets
  • Has a stylish double strap design

Apart from affordability, this leather bag has numerous benefits. It’s handmade by expert craftspeople using authentic leather and has a canvas lining. These artisans are greatly experienced in leather works.

This duffel bag’s largest compartment is fit for keeping your sports gear or clothes. It also has 2 side pockets that you can use to keep shoes and the front pocket is ideal for keeping money or your mobile phone.

This duffel bag is a bit different from other bags in that it has two removable and adjustable straps. You can, therefore, carry it in numerous styles. 

The bag also has an upper leather handle that you can use to carry it. Even the bag’s base is made of leather. If you’re searching for a leather duffel bag that’s functional and classic, go for Komal’s Passion Leather Duffel Bag.


  • It can fit everything you require to travel as it’s spacious
  • It’s versatile as it can be used during long weekends, gym trips, overnight tours, and camping
  • It can be used by both men and women
  • It has large extra outer pockets


  • The bag’s interior has a restricted number of pockets
  • The zippers are somewhat weak

5. Aaron Leather Airplane Luggage Carry-On Travel Duffel Bag

Aaron Airplane Luggage Carry-On Travel Duffel Bag


  • Made of high-quality buffalo leather
  • It has cozy and adjustable leather shoulder straps 
  • It also comes with two handles

The Aaron Travel duffel bag comes in 3 colors; brown, walnut, and hickory brown. It’s robust and handmade from 100% authentic buffalo leather. Along with strong zippers, excellent cotton lining, and brass buckles, it’s also stitched using premium quality thread.

The bag has a removable and adjustable shoulder strap and carry handles at the upper part of the duffel bag. Besides, it has metal studs at the base to reduce scratches and stop the bag from sliding. 

There are numerous compartments; one large chamber, zippered pockets on either side, a slot for keeping cards, a pen, and a phone pocket. This duffle bag is an excellent option if you want to give your traveler friends something helpful and thoughtful. 

Due to the high-quality material, the bag doesn’t wear and tear easily which means it has high endurance. This is a well-designed and made duffel bag with good value for money.


  • It’s versatile as it’s suitable for numerous occasions
  • The heavy-duty lining and premium quality stitching makes the bag durable
  • It’s roomy as it can accommodate all your necessities
  • The adjustable straps make it comfortable to carry


  • The lining can be scratched easily

6. WOWBOX Canvas Genuine Leather Duffel bag

WOWBOX  Duffel bag


  • Made of high-quality canvas 
  • Has a waterproof shoe compartment
  • It has removable and adjustable straps

For experienced pilots, they know it’s important to invest in a great carry-on bag. It’ll accommodate all the immediate possessions that you need to have when you’re on a trip.

For this reason, getting a travel duffel bag that’s easy to stow in these overhead sections which are also easy to carry across the airport is important. Having this in mind, the combination of a weekender bag and a WOWBOX duffel bag is the ideal solution to make your flight experience stress-free.

This duffel bag has been developed in an “over-the-shoulder” construction which makes it easy to carry around the airport. This pact model is suitable for stuff such as toiletries and clothes and it’s still a great size that fits easily in the overhead storage compartments.

If you want to get a high-quality weekender bag that’ll make your life and traveling experience somewhat easier, go for this men’s duffel bag. 


  • The straps are tough and soft
  • The bag has many shoe pockets
  • Adjustable straps are soft and sturdy
  • It can easily fit under seats
  • It has zippered compartments for the safety of your items


  • It doesn’t have a water-resistant lining

7. Viosi Genuine Leather Oversized Weekend Duffel Bag for Men and Women

Viosi Genuine Leather Oversized Weekend Duffel Bag for Men and Women


  • It’s made of full-grain authentic leather
  • It has premium quality YKK zippers and metallic feet
  • Has wide detachable adjustable shoulder straps

The Viosi leather travel duffel bag offers an advanced, luxurious design at a cheaper cost and is a sensible investment for any traveler. Besides the leather construction, it also has a major compartment which you can use to easily carry all the stuff you require.

It also has three interior storage pockets – one of them is zippered – and an outer zipper pocket. You can also use this duffel bag to securely keep a 15.6-inch laptop. With the pockets, you can carry your shades, wallet, mobile phone, and other stuff.

The bag has a hard base to safeguard your possessions, while a stuffed shoulder pad makes you cozy when carrying it. It’s also equipped with a messenger style strap that’s convenient to use.

This duffel bag has a full-grain construction that offers unmatched durability. The retro elegance gives it a pretty appearance while the robust YKK zippers keep your stuff secure always.

The travel duffle bag is also equipped with metal feet which give it improved strength and steadiness. You can haul huge baggage cozily as the travel bag has a large capacity.


  • It has a 15-inch interior sleeve where you can keep your laptop
  • The sides can expand thanks to the swivel metal clips
  • The bag’s base is robust and hard, offering great stability
  • The high-quality full-grain leather ensures comfort and durability


  • The zippers are flimsy

8. KomalC Full Grain Leather Overnight Weekend Travel Duffel Bag.

KomalC Full Grain Leather Overnight Weekend Travel Bag.


  • Manufactured using the finest buffalo leather
  • Comes with YKK metal zippers
  • It has a waterproof lining and metallic studs

With this simple but stylishly designed duffel bag, you’ll appear trendy and professional. It has 2 handles and an adjustable and removable shoulder strap that gives you coziness and the carrying options you require. 

Additionally, you also get zippers to keep the contents of your bag safe. The 21 by 14 by 9 inches bag is equipped with metal feet to safeguard the leather. Besides, there’s also a waterproof lining that helps keep your stuff decent and dry and can be used in any weather. 

This duffel bag has been manufactured using the finest buffalo hide and is, therefore, durable. It also has a major compartment which you can use to keep clothes or other necessities. The 2 pockets on the sides provide secure storage for stuff that you can easily access.

There’s also an extra inside pocket with a zipper for keeping smaller items. The bag is developed for expedient use. 


  • The bag has a waterproof lining to protect your stuff in harsh weather
  • The buffalo leather fabric makes the bag strong and durable
  • It has a water-resistant lining which ensures that no water leaks inside the bag
  • The metal studs protect the leather from damage


  • The outer part of the bag is stitched poorly
  • It has a bad odor when new

9. Leathario Leather Weekend Overnight Travel Rolling Suitcase

Leathario Overnight Travel Rolling Suitcase


  • It’s made of genuine leather and has durable and smooth brass zippers
  • It has long-lasting ABS material wheels
  • It has a retractable handle

This competent design is handmade to make sure that each technicality is carefully taken care of. The Leathario Weekend Duffel Bag is rather the cortex for the complete bag, particularly if you take into account its versatility.

This bag is medium in size and offers you the appropriate capacity for business and short weekend trips. The major chamber is suitable for your shoes, clothes, and a laptop so you can take everything you require for your trip.

Most importantly, this stylish professional duffel bag is equipped with a decompression shoulder strap and a handle for it to feel cozy irrespective of where you are heading to. Besides, its careful workmanship and elegant fashion emphasize your style, making you stand out from the crowd.

You can use this duffel bag for a fast weekend vacation, a short business tour, or to carry your gym equipment.


  • The handles and straps are ergonomically designed
  • The premium quality metal zipper is easy to open and close
  • It has metal studs at the base to prevent it from sliding
  • Brass buckles can endure wear and tear
  • It’s durable, thanks to the high-quality stitching


  • It gets discolored with time
  • It has a strong leather odor which decreases with time

10. BOSTANTEN Genuine Leather Bag

BOSTANTEN Genuine Leather Bag


  • Made of genuine cowhide leather
  • It has a padded and detachable shoulder strap
  • It comes with a shoe compartment with zip closure

This weekender bag is made of premium quality leather and is ideal for a quick tour. The duffel bag won’t tear or break down easily as it’s made of authentic cowhide and sturdy zippers. 

The bag has a leather shoulder strap and handles. You’ll not only enjoy the carrying options, but also the fold-down section, where you can quickly and easily pull out shoes or other essential items (without getting to the major compartment). 

The inside of the bag doesn’t have only one section; there are numerous smaller compartments hold stuff that you want to separate from the rest of the duffel bag and a side section for your tablet.

The duffel bag’s smooth design makes it appear to be more costly than it is. It also has a durable zipper to keep your stuff safe. You can use this duffel bag as an overnight bag, travel, or a gymnasium bag.


  • It comes in two sizes; large and medium
  • The high-quality fabric lining and cow leather makes the bag robust and durable
  • The heavy-duty zipper doesn’t break easily
  • It has plenty of storage space
  • You can choose between coffee and black colors


  • It has an odor when new which needs airing out

Duffel Bags vs. Rolling Suitcase

Travelers have diverse needs. Each traveling experience is different and ought to be supplemented with suitable tools and accessories. One big consideration is the luggage type you carry with you. 

It depends on individual preferences and coziness. Here, we shall discuss what you need to carry when traveling – do you carry a duffel bag or a rolling suitcase?

A duffel bag is expedient as you can pack more items in it. However, it’s only cozy for some minutes before its weight weighs you down. A rolling suitcase doesn’t encumber on you until you attempt pulling your baggage through cobblestones which makes it noisy. 

Here are some differences between a duffel bag and a rolling suitcase:

  • Infrastructure

Sidewalks and smooth floors are ideal for suitcases. On the other hand, a duffel bag can be carried over cobblestones, dirt, bricks, and in buildings without lifts.

  • Transport

If you’re driving a car, a suitcase is the best choice. However, if you’ll be boarding and alighting from boats, buses, trains, or bikes, a duffel bag is more expedient.

  • Individual Considerations

 If you suffer backaches, strained muscles, or a spinal injury, consider a rolling suitcase.

  • Theft

Duffel bags are more exposed to theft than rolling suitcases. The materials that duffel bags are made of is easier to cut open than a suitcase with a hard case. You can also transform your duffel bag into a rolling suitcase by attaching removable wheels

  How to Clean a Duffle Bag

One thing is certain; duffle bags are easy to use. However, they also get dirty easily. They are commonly used as they’re cheaper than suitcases but are also more solid. Duffle bags are ideal for people on the go and are also easy to store. 

However, many duffle bags are porous as they trap dirt and odors which may take time to clean. Fortunately, there is an effective and easy way to clean your duffle bag. Before proceeding, you should know the following before washing your bag:

  1. Don’t machine-wash it
  2. Never soak it
  3. Clean the entire duffle bag

The most convenient way of cleaning your duffel bag is:

1. Remove all the bits and pieces

Ensure your duffle bag is flipped inside out and shake off the dirt. The inside of your duffle bag usually comprises dust, paper pieces, dirt, and all types of a mess that has accumulated. Ensure that it’s empty to make cleaning easier. Don’t forget to empty the side pockets too. 

2. Clean the inside carefully

  • Canvas

Just wash the inside of the bag using soap and water as this will get rid of most of the dirt. If there are still some discolored spots, clean them with detergent.

  • Ballistic Nylon

When cleaning this type of bag, use antibacterial soap and a sponge. In many instances, a ballistic nylon duffel bag repels dirt and smell on its own. Therefore, you should wipe it a little. Ensure you don’t use chemical cleaning agents as they can damage the material easily. 

  • Get rid of the odor

Even if they’re clean, duffle bags have a funny smell, particularly nylon bags. To avoid this, the inside of the bag should be sprayed with your preferred air freshener. Don’t use an air freshener that contains harsh chemicals. A chemical smell will damage the material.

The resistance features of nylon and polyester commonly wear off with time. Ensure you spray the duffle bag with a freshener that reinforces these properties. Select protective sprays for the canvas to safeguard the material from stains and odors in the future.

3. Take care of the hardware such as the zip fastener.

All bags have a kind of hardware. These require a little more attention. Blow-dry the hardware after cleaning the bag. If you let it air dry, it can rust or perhaps discolor. 

How to Pack a Duffle Bag

The first thought that comes to your mind when embarking on your next adventure is, “How do I pack my duffel bag efficiently?” 

Since you pack a significant amount of your things in one space, it’s important to arrange them in a particular way that makes removing the items fast and easy while also keeping them clean and tidy.

Here’s how you pack your duffel bag:

  • At the bottom of the duffel bag, put your shoes and clothes.
  • Since most of the electronic gadgets are flimsy and prone to breaking, put them on top of the layer of clothes, and cover it with another layer of clothing.
  • Your hygiene items should be packed in a zip-lock bag to prevent spillage.
  • If you want to buy souvenirs when traveling, ensure you spare space for them when packing. They should be packed together with electronics.
  • If you’re traveling on a bumpy road, ensure you fill the bag’s walls with rolled-up bits of clothing that’ll serve as a protective shield for your valuables.
  • Put all the other clothes on the duffel bag’s top layer and use the squeezing straps that’ll keep your stuff tight and secure.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Duffel Bag.

Now that you know how to pack a duffel bag, let’s look at several factors to take into account when buying one.

1. Durability

Duffel bags are available in a variety of materials. Make sure your bag is made of durable material, reliable construction, and high-quality hardware if you want to get the most out of it.

Properties such as a strengthened bottom or feet add to a bag’s durability. However, keep in mind that the more durable a duffel bag is, the heftier it’ll be. Therefore, make a decision beforehand on which one you’ll compromise. 

Maybe a lighter but a somewhat less durable duffel bag will meet your requirements if you won’t be constantly dragging it through severe environments.

2. Size

A duffle bag must meet your space requirements. Inspect the size dimensions to make sure that it’ll fit all the stuff you have in mind. If you’re planning to travel with it, ensure that it fits airport luggage limitations. 

3. Carrying Options

Besides carry handles, some duffle bags provide backpack or shoulder straps for flexible movability. The handles on several sides can help move the duffel bag in a confined space or over short distances.

Select a bag with a variety of carrying options if you’ll be using it in diverse environments so you can customize it as needed.

4. Style

Colors such as tan, navy, gray, or black make the duffel bag blend in easily in a wide range of environments. Apart from that, several users will be delighted to select a style that expresses their personality or indicates fashion-consciousness. 

Finally, ensure that the duffel bag’s style suits your needs and individual preferences. 

5. Access

Although you should make sure that the duffel bag provides enough space for your needs, accessing that space is also important. If you’re able to access the major compartment easily, the better as you’ll make that space more user-friendly.

Therefore, consider clamshell models, wide openings, and large D-shaped zippers for total access. Besides, you also want pockets that are readily available to store smaller items within reach.

6. Wheels or No Wheels?

If your duffle bag is somewhat hefty when empty, you may choose one with wheels to facilitate mobility. They work like suitcases where you pull your duffle bag around airports and other sidewalks. 

Wheeled duffel bags are perfect if you’re transporting a heavy load. Although wheeled duffel bags are surprisingly useful, they have some shortcomings. They rarely have another mechanism other than the handle.

7. Water Resistance.

Buy a duffel bag that’ll safeguard your stuff from weather elements. Therefore, look for the water-resistance feature in your duffel bag. Few fabrics are waterproof; however, makers laminate the inner part of the bags to stop water from getting in. 

Bottom line 

All the duffel bags listed above are designed for durability. Ensure you go through all the models and the factors to take into account before making an ultimate decision. 

This is to help you know what to consider and what to keep away from when making your last purchasing decision. Shop smart!