Top 10 Best Lunch Bags For Women In 2021 (Reviews)

Lunch bags have grown in popularity recently as they offer a new dynamic to how we carry our food. Lunch bags are better than traditional polythene bags that carry food and are harmful to the environment. But one may ask, “Why not carry your food in a normal bag?” As opposed to normal bags, lunch bags for women offer the vital benefit of keeping food warm as they are insulated.

They are also tailor-made to carry food and so it is easier to carry any standard sized lunch boxes. Some even have separate sections to separate food based on their temperature. Due to the increased popularity therefore, many manufacturers want a piece of the pie and have already started churning out their offerings.

These lunch bags out there vary in size, quality, and price of course. But we are here to save you the confusion and we have compiled our ten best picks lunch bags for women.

1. BALORAY Lunch Bags for Women

BALORAY Lunch Bags for Women


  • Has heat welded insulated inside liner.
  • It’s equipped with Padded soft handle.
  • Looks small but with large capacity 10x 6.6x 8.5 inch.
  • One front pocket design.
  • Made of 600D oxford material which is durable and easy to clean.
  • Has a durable smooth zipper.

Look no further if you are in the market for a stylish yet functional lunch bag. Suitable for all age groups and a variety of use cases, this lunch bag from Baloray is a great match. All ten colors will blend in with your chosen fashion sense.

You will be glad to know that this lunch bag is constructed with BPA free material. The material used is also very easy to clean; a trait it carries while being durable. This means that you will keep your lunch box for long and it will deliver effortlessly every time.

It is also relatively large and it will haul your food portions with no worries at all. It is also very easy to carry around with sturdy and good looking handles. A zipper will also ensure that your food stays safe inside the lunch bag. This insulated lunch bag will keep your food warm for an average of three hours under the right conditions.

This lunch box is lightweight for when you need to carry it around while empty as well as easy to fold for easy storage. As you would expect from a lunch box, it is leak proof. Do not feel laid back as the bag seems small but will fit all your lunch boxes as well as snacks and drinks.

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2. LOKASS Insulated Lunch Bags for women.

LOKASS Insulated Lunch Bags for women.


  • Equipped with Upgraded Lining made of Aluminum foil.
  • Dimensions – 10.5″L x 6″W x 11″H.
  • Wide Open Design.
  • It has dual zipper closure.
  • keep foods and drinks warm & fresh for 6.5 hours.
  • It has Strong linen handles and heavy-duty nylon.

Do you desire a large lunch bag that fits all? At 10.5”L*6”W*11”H, this lunch bag fits more than you can imagine. Depending on how much food you usually carry, this lunch bag offers peace of mind if you ever have to increase the amount of food you have to carry. Its insulated lining will have food kept warm for an average of five hours.

The lunch bag is also built using high quality materials on the exterior which add a little more durability. One glance at this lunch bag will have you believe that this is not a bag that will be falling apart any time soon and not on its own.

As it is a large lunch bag that can carry large volumes of food and drink, its handles are built to handle the extra weight without any strain and stress that would otherwise break them. It is also leak-proof which gives you even more reason to believe in this lunch bag.

This lunch bag uses high quality nylon for construction. It also has a side pocket for better organization and to carry extras such as your cell phone or purse. All the pockets have smooth durable zippers that will hold over millions of open and close cycles.

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3. OPUX Insulated Lunch Bags for Women and Men

OPUX Insulated Lunch Bags for  Women and Men


  • Equipped with Eco-friendly PEVA lining which is leakproof.
  • The lining is thermal insulated.
  • 2 isolated compartments.
  • Two-sided zippers design.
  • Made of high-quality nylon and 600D polyester fabric.
  • Available in 12 colors.
  • Measures 10 x 7.5 x 10 (L x W x H) |

We all look for different features in a lunch bag but this one has most of those features that we all look out for. Opus pulled this out of the bag as this lunch bag checks most boxes. Durability-wise, the nylon construction is extra durable and will last long. This lunch bag is quite large and so you will not struggle to fit your lunch boxes and drinks.

This lunch bag is also very functional as it comes with side net pockets and a shoulder strap for ease of carrying. A ‘traditional’ top handle is also available to enable you to carry your lunch bag handheld without having to strap it off your shoulders.

These small touches also give it a rugged edge and a little more functionality and make it adaptable to many situations that the outdoors will throw at you including camping, work, and road trips. With twelve great color choices, this should be the least of your worries.

Another great trait that this lunch bag has going for it is its separated compartments to separate hot and cold food or food and drink for better efficiency at its work. Its lining is extremely easy to clean as well as being leak proof and soft. The lining also keeps your food warm as it keeps tucked away in your lunch bag.

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4. MOKALOO Insulated Lunch Bag

MOKALOO Insulated Lunch Bag


  • Large capacity.
  • It has leak proof liner.
  • Wide-Open Design.
  • Removable shoulder strap.
  • Multi-Functional Compartment.
  • Front pockets and back sides for your small stuffs.
  • Mesh pocket.
  • It’s Made from durable and waterproof fabric.

Are you looking for a simple yet stylish lunch bag? Then this might be the lunch bag for you. This offering from Mokaloo is quite large and fit to fit all your lunch food and drink.

To support the extra weight, this lunch bag comes with a shoulder strap to easily carry your lunch bag. To add icing to the cake, the shoulder strap is removable so that it does not get in your way when you do not need it. It is also adjustable to fit your height or level of comfort.

The lunch bag also comes with extra pockets that help isolate the items you do not want to mix with your food. As well as a shoulder strap, the handles are also very sturdy and designed to carry most weights you can throw at them. They are firmly riveted onto the bag’s body.

This lunch bag from Mokaloo has double zippers on the top to enable wide opening and consequently easier loading of your lunchboxes and drinks. There is a two-color choice but do not get worried as the contrasting handle colors make the lunch box pop in design. With mesh pocket,it can help you carry your drink or bottle without leaking. This is a lunch bag that you can comfortably carry to school, work, or even on a picnic.

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5. BUILT Gourmet Getaway Soft Neoprene Lunch Tote Bag

BUILT Gourmet Getaway Soft Neoprene Lunch Tote Bag


  • Made of Neoprene insulating material.
  • Machine washable neoprene.
  • Keeps food cold (or warm) for up to 4 hours.
  • The neoprene material allows the lunch tote to expand.
  • Available in a variety of fun colors and patterns.
  • It’s BPA free, vinyl free, PVC free, and tested for lead safety.

If you desire to own a lunch bag while actively saving the environment, then this is the lunch bag for you. Built lived up to its brand name and built a great lunch bag. This lunch bag is made out of neoprene; a material that makes it very easy to live with.

Neoprene makes it very easy to clean your lunch bag because it can be machine washed as well as offer great insulation to keep your food hot or cold for a long period. Neoprene is also light and expands to fit even more food than its original footprint.

This means that you can carry a heavy load of lunch without having to worry about the extra weight of the lunch bag itself. It is also soft and with the handles carved out of the main bag body itself, they are easy to grab and carry even when fully loaded.

Neoprene is a flexible material both literally and figuratively and with its recycling and reusability potential, it is also environmentally friendly, and buying this lunch bag will directly contribute to making the world a better place for us and the generations to come. Most environmentally friendly materials are often associated with boring but this lunch bag has thirteen colors(that are not boring) to choose from.

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6. Hap Tim Lunch bag Insulated

Hap Tim Lunch bag Insulated


  • Has handle strap on top.
  • Detachable shoulder strap.
  • It has 2 IN 1 – Dual compartments.
  • Wide open upper compartment.
  • Dimension 9.84*10.23*6.5inches
  • keeps cold and warm items separate.
  • Made of durable oxford fabric and thick aluminum inner lining.

Some say last should always be saved for best. And surely, this lunchbox from Hap tim is one of the best in the market today. Finished in oxford fabric, this lunch bag does look very expensive and well put together. But it is not all looks as its main compartment has space for all your lunch food and drink.

This is one of those lunch bags that do not as large as they are. Do not feel deterred by the fact that they look small as the space inside will be comfortably large It has an extra zipped pocket for those accessories you have to carry with you all the time such as your cellphone and cutlery to eat the food you carry in the bag.

It is also important to let you know that this lunch bag has the standard leak-proof lining and also keeps your food warm. This lunch bag has four colors to choose from and in my opinion, you would rather have lesser colors to choose from as it reduces the odds that your mum, girlfriend, or grandmother will hate it when you pick up one of these lunch bags as their present. It also has two compartments that aid in order and food separation

A lunch bag is a perfect motivation for you and your family to pack healthy meals and snacks for school or work. Bringing packed lunch to school or your workplace is an effective way to eat healthier meals and also save some money. These bags come in all kinds of sizes, colors, materials, and configurations. The information below will assist you to decide which bag to purchase, how to wash and care for your bag, what to do to ensure your food is safe to eat at lunchtime, and even how to sew your insulated lunch bag.

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7. Tirrinia large insulated-lunch bags for women

Tirrinia large insulated-lunch bags for women


  • It is Made of Insulated & sturdy material.
  • 8mm thick PE foam padding and PU insulation material.
  • Equipped with leakproof interior.
  • Large capacity – 10 x 8.5 x 9.3”.
  • This lunch bag has a portable design.
  • Has an adjustable shoulder strap.

Do you desire a large and durable lunch bag? At 10l, this lunch bag is large and with all the space you need. To put this size into perspective, this lunch bag can comfortably hold twenty 330ml cans of soft drinks which in most cases is enough or even more than enough for your everyday carry. With double zippers up top, access to the main compartment is easy enough with a wide opening that aids easy loading of lunchboxes as well as drinks. With PE foam padding, and PU insulation material, it can keep your food warm or cold for hours.

The wide opening also means that you have better control when arranging the contents inside as there is a larger area to work with. A shoulder strap added to the mix means that carrying this lunch bag is even easier. You do not have to put excess strain on your hands as you try to carry this lunch bag around.

Straining your arms is not healthy while lunch bags are a healthy topic since you buy one to avoid the unhealthy snacks they offer at school or work. Straining your arms, therefore, would only mean one step forward and two steps backward. You can also use this lunch bag exclusively for drinks as it will carry quite a large amount of the same.

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8. OPUX Insulated Lunch Bags for Women Double Deck

OPUX Insulated Lunch Bags for Women Double Deck


  • Equipped with Eco-friendly PEVA lining which is leakproof.
  • Thermal insulated.
  • It has 2 isolated compartments.
  • Two-sided zipper design.
  • Made with high-quality nylon and 600D polyester fabric.
  • Available in 12 colors.
  • Measures 10 x 7.5 x 10 (L x W x H).

Talk of a lunch bag with more features than you can exhaust. This offering from the OPUX company has everything thought out beforehand. Just as you think you have exhausted everything on offer, a new feature presents itself.

For starters, it satisfies the basic things you expect from your lunch bag. It has leak-proof insulation that also doubles up to keep your food warm or cold. Its main compartment is large enough and will fit your normal-sized lunch box alongside some drinks. It has a compartment up top that is accessible from the sides through some fancy zippers. As if all that is not enough, side net pockets are on offer here to expand your already large storage even further.

This lunch bag also has side pockets that are very useful for your cellphone, a pack of wet wipes, or even some pens that you can carry alongside your lunch and canned drinks or bottled juice. It also offers a shoulder carrying option using its very functional shoulder strap. You will also be glad to know that there are twelve very vibrant colors to choose from and therefore it will be extremely easy to find a color that suits you if you choose to purchase this lunch bag. With a two-sided zipper design, it makes easy and convenient access.

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9. Tiblue freezable lunch bags For Women

Tiblue freezable lunch bags For Women


  • It has Lining with Eco-friendly EVA material.
  • Designed with triple Insulation.
  • Made FREE from PVC, BPA, phthalate, and lead materials.
  • 1 front zippered pocket,1 back pocket and 2 mesh pockets.
  • It has a reinforced handle on top.
  • Removable and adjustable shoulder strap.
  • A wide opening design makes.

Colorful and out-of-the-box designs do not get better than this. With an array of designs to choose from, few lunch bags if any come close to how colorful these look. With a thick foam inlay, your food will always stay warm or cold without spiked drops or rises in temperatures.

It comes with a leak-proof lining as well as a waterproof material on the outside to stop any moisture before it gets to your precious food inside. It comes with a main compartment that is large enough for a reasonable volume of food.

This lunch bag combines two extra exterior pockets as well as two net pockets one of which is on the inside to separate your food materials. It has a single sturdy handle that will not fall apart as well as a removable and adjustable shoulder strap for ease in carrying. Its top opens wide aided by double zippers to ensure there is no fuss in loading and offloading your lunchboxes.

This is a lunch box that will suit right in with your needs as well as your lifestyle and still look good doing it. Few lunch bags can achieve this feat and for that reason, this is a great recommendation. 

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10. Easyfun insulated thermal lunch bag

Easyfun insulated thermal lunch bag


  • It is made of Premium Material.
  • Made of durable oxford cloth and BPA-Free aluminum foil.
  • It’s lining aluminum foil is an insulating material
  • Preserves food or drinks fresh and cool for 6-8 hours.
  • Unique design: Two small front pockets.
  • Perfect size: 12 x 6 x 10 inch.

If looking good and functionality are your priorities, then this is the lunch bag for you. This insulated lunch bag will keep your food warm for about seven hours every time. A standard sized Easyfun lunch bag is not too large nor too small for your daily lunch carry. Finished in high quality oxford material, this lunch bag looks ad feels very classic and stylish.

The manufacturers have added foam in the lay lining as well as the aluminum lining that only adds to the maintenance of food temperatures stored in the lunch bag. With front and back pockets, this lunch bag allows you to use the bag for more than just lunch.

They also look very nice unlike a plain-faced side on your lunch bag. With two sturdy handles, you can carry your lunch bag confidently and with your head high as it looks very stylish. As with most lunch bags, this Easyfun lunch bag is also leak-proof and durable for long stress-free use.

This lunch bag is also very easy to clean both inside and outside which is a great characteristic especially for a bag that handles human food. This lunch bag comes with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer that serves right although a lunch bag is not easily broken. 

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How to clean a lunch bag

A clean lunch bag will always ensure you never run into issues such as odor or food poisoning. Follow the steps below to clean your lunch bag effectively.

Step 1: Check the fabric care label

Checking this label will allow you to determine the proper way to clean the bag without damaging the fabric. This label will also tell you whether or not the bag is machine washable.

If your bag is machine washable; use cold water and gentle detergent and wash on a gentle cycle.

For bags that are not machine washable; you will need: warm water, soft cloth, scrub brush, mild soap, or detergent.

Step 2: Pre-treat any stains

Soak the bag for an hour or so in your preferred stain remover. Avoid any stain remover with bleaching properties.

Step 3: Clean gently with a scrub brush

This brush will remove the stubborn stains on the tough material.

Step 4: Wash the bag in detergent

Add some detergent in warm water and use your bare hands to wash the bag.

Step 5: Rinse the bag

Use plenty of clean water to rinse the bag and then hang it to dry in the sun.

How to remove smell from a lunch bag

Use water, detergent, and a cloth to wipe the bag inside and outside. You can add fabric softener to the water to help remove the smell. Don’t forget to wipe all the pockets, straps, and handles. Turn the bag inside out and leave it in the sun to dry. The sun will deodorize the bag and remove any unsavory odors.

How to sew an insulated lunch bag

The best thing about sewing your lunch bag is that it allows you to be creative and customize everything about the bag. The bag we are going to sew features: a hook and loop front closure, a top handle, and an easy to clean vinyl lining. A special insulating batting is inserted between the lining and exterior layers to help keep the contents of the bag at an appropriate temperature. There is an optional shoulder strap that will make it easier for you to carry the bag around.

Step 1: Gather all the materials you require

  1. 18 inches exterior fabric
  2. 18 inches lining fabric
  3. 9 inches of medium weight fusible interfacing
  4. 18 inches Insul bright polyester fabric
  5. Two swivel hooks for the shoulder strap
  6. Two three-quarter inch wide D rings for the shoulder strap
  7. One two and a quarter inch long strip of three-quarter inch wide hook and loop tape

Step 2: Cut the fabric

  • Exterior fabric, lining fabric Insulation and vinyl fuse
  • One piece 28 inches by 8 inches (for the body)
  • Two pieces 9.5 inches by 5.5 inches for side panels
  • Handle: 9 inches by 3 inches
  • Handle interfacing: 8 inches by 2 inches
  • Strap: 42 inches by 3 inches
  • Strap interfacing: 41 inches by 2 inches
  • Tabs: 2.5 inches by 2 inches
  • Tab interfacing: 1.5 inches by 1 inch

 Prepare the pieces

Ensure all the material dimensions are correct.

To save time, layer the lunch bag body’s vinyl fuse, insulation, lining and exterior fabric pieces on top of each other with all edges aligned. Place the top flap pattern’s curved edge along one short fabric end. Pin the pattern in place and use the pattern as a guide to trim the fabric corners. Alternatively, cut each layer separately. Note that placing pins through the vinyl fuse may cause permanent holes. Place pins within the seam allowance or use clips.

1. With the right sides up, place the body and side panel exterior pieces over the corresponding insulation pieces and pin in place. Baste around the edges using a centimeter wide seam allowance. 

2. Before fusing the vinyl to the lining, trim each piece of vinyl fuse a quarter inch on all sides. Make sure all the lining pieces are ironed perfectly flat. With one lining piece right side up, place one corresponding vinyl fuse piece directly in the center of the lining. Fuse the vinyl to the lining according to the manufacturer’s instruction. Repeat for all three lining pieces.

3. With the exterior body (and attached insulation) fabric right side up, center the loop side of the hook and loop tape 1 inch in from the short straight edge. Edgestitch around the tape. Similarly, with the lining body fabric right side up, center the hook side of the hook and loop tape three-quarter inch in from the curved edge. Edgestitch around the tape.

Create the handle

  1. Place the handle interfacing fusible side in the center of the handle fabric’s wrong side. Fuse in place then, fold both long edges in half an inch and press. Repeat with the short edges. If desired, miter the corners.
  2. Fold the handle piece in half lengthwise and press. Edgestitch along the three open edges.
  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for the strap then, fold about half an inch of one strap end around one swivel hook ring. Stitch in place close to the fabric edge. Repeat on the opposite strap side. The tabs are made in almost the same manner. Begin by placing one tab inter facing’s fusible side in the center of one tab fabric’s wrong side and fuse in place. Next, fold both short edges in half an inch and press. Fold the piece in half lengthwise so it measures three-quarter inch wide. Edgestitch along the open edge. Finally, fold the tab in half width-wise around one D ring so the raw edges are even. Place in place and repeat for the second tab.

Sew the lunch bag

  1. Place the body’s exterior and insulation piece right side down. Use a ruler to make three marks at the following points: 9 inches from the short straight edge. 4.5 inches beyond the first mark and 9 inches beyond the second mark. Repeat on the parallel side. Clip into the marks a quarter inch at all six points. This makes it easier to sew the side panels in the following steps.
  2. Pin each tab and D ring unit (from step 3 above) on the exterior body piece’s right side about two centimeters below the mark closest to the top flap. Be sure to align the raw edges. 
  3. With the right sides together, align one exterior side panel piece with the top corner of the exterior body piece and pin along the long edge. Note that the side panel should extend half an inch beyond the first nine-inch clip.
  4. Rotate the side panel so the short edge aligns with the body piece’s long edge and pin. This corner should extend half an inch beyond the second clip. Rotate the side panel one more time and pin the adjacent side to the body piece’s long edge. Here, the side panel’s top edge should end exactly at the last clip.
  5. Using a half-inch wide seam allowance, stitch the side panel to the body piece. Sew down one long edge of the side panel, across the bottom, and up the remaining long edge. Be careful not to sew over the bunched fabric when pivoting at the corners. Finish by trimming the corners and seam allowances only along the side panel edges. Do not trim along the top flap.

Repeat steps 3 through 5 on the second side. Then repeat steps 1, 3, 4, and 5 for the lining pieces. Again, try to pin the lining pieces within the seam allowances or use clips to avoid making permanent holes in the vinyl.

  1. Turn the lining right side out and slip the entire lining unit into the exterior body unit with right sides together and corresponding edges aligned. Pin around the open sides and the top flap, being sure to match all seams. Stitch around the pinned sections using a half-inch wide seam allowance. Leave a three-inch wide opening for turning the lunch bag right side out.
  2. Trim into the corner and seam allowances to reduce bulk. Turn the lunch bag right side out and give the exterior a final press. Hand sew the opening closed or topstitch around the entire top edge. 
  3. Pin one handle side 8.75 inches up from the lunch bag base and a quarter inch in from the side edge. Stitch close to the handle edges through all layers, forming a rectangle. Repeat on the other side. TipIt helps to place clear tape along the sides of the feed dogs to help the vinyl move more smoothly through the sewing machine.
  4. Clip the strap onto the D rings to finish off the lunch bag.

How to sew a lunch bag

This is a simpler design than the one described above

Materials required: 

Insulated interfacing, wipe-able fabric for easy cleaning, lining fabric, Velcro, and optional mesh.

Cut your fabric

Figure out what size you require then cut the fabric accordingly.

Here we are going to make one of the lengths of 8.5 inches, the width of 6.5 inches and 1.8 inches wide. A piece of material 15 inches by 16 inches will be adequate.


  • Place the main fabric right side together and then place the interfacing on the wrong sides of the fabric.
  • Sew down both sides and across the bottom, catching all four layers. Repeat sewing sides and bottom of lining fabric.
  • Fold the main fabric and the lining inside out. Fold the side seam so it lays on top of the bottom seam. Measure 4 inches from the corner and place pins to mark this area.
  • Sew on this line, and then trim off the corner. Repeat with the lining.
  • At this point, test your lunch box to ensure it fits in the bottom of the bag.
  • Place the lining and the main lunch bag right sides together, aligning the top raw edge. Sew around with a seam of about one centimeter. Leave a 4-inch opening to turn the bag.
  • Turn the bag right side out and push the lining inside the lunch bag. Press the top edge of the bag flat and close the turning hole. From the lower corners of the bag, pinch and clip straight up to the top. This will create a fold on each corner of the bag.
  • If you want an outside mesh pocket, now is the time to prepare it. Cut a pocket 8 inches long by 4 inches wide and finish the top edge with fold-over elastic. Clip to the folded corners and leave the bottom open for now.
  • Sew down the four corners with a quarter inch seam allowance. Try to catch the outer fabric, the insulated interfacing, and the lining all in the stitching. 
  • After you have sewn the corners, place a ribbon on the bottom of the pocket and stitch to close the pocket.
  • Cut 1.5-inch pieces of Velcro and place the corresponding pieces in each corner and sew.
  • Add 2-inch pieces of Velcro to the opening. The top should now close completely with the Velcro. If you want the top to be more secure, add long pieces of Velcro to both side folds. Now you have your lunch bag ready.

Factors to consider when purchasing a lunch bag.

1. Insulation

A good quality lunch bag will always have insulation. This is to allow your food to stay cool throughout the day.

2. Bento box style

These types of lunch boxes are a growing trend and are ideal for those who like to carry a range of items in smaller portions and want a convenient way to carry them all without spilling. The only challenge with them is that they are a bit challenging to clean.

3. Built-in or included containers

You should consider whether you want any built-in containers in your lunch box. Some will have one or two containers built-in while bento boxes will be completely divided into containers.

A more flexible option is a lunch box that comes with removable containers. This way you avoid the hustle of finding separate containers that fit in your lunch box. Some boxes will even include a water bottle so that you can carry along your favorite drink.

4. Size of bag

You should consider a bag that is large enough to fit your food, a drink along with an ice pack. At the same time, this bag should not be too large to the extent that it occupies unnecessary space. If you are unsure about what size of bag you require, keep in mind that it is better to err on the side of too large as opposed to too small.

5. Color

This factor comes down to personal preference. You can find a lunch bag in nearly any shade or pattern you desire. This means you can decide to keep it professional with a neutral-colored lunch bag or show off your personality with a brightly colored one.

6. Stain resistance

If possible select a bag that resists stains. No matter how well you pack your food, something will eventually leak or spill and can lead to an unsightly stain that is difficult to remove. Therefore, if your bag is stain resistant it will be an advantage to you.

7. Ease of cleaning

This factor is very important when selecting lunch bags for women. Be keen and check whether the included containers or thermoses are dishwasher safe. Also, check whether the lunch bag is machine washable and if the fabric requires any special care.

8. Durability

A good quality lunch box should be durable enough to last a long time. If the manufacturer of the lunch bag offers a warranty then there is a good chance that the lunch bag is durable. Another way you can ascertain the product’s durability is by reading the reviews from people who have already bought the product.

How to keep food cold in a lunch bag

Foodborne illnesses multiply rapidly at room temperature thus your food must be kept cold inside your lunch bag. You will want to use at least 2 cold sources in an insulated bag to keep perishable foods safe; ice or gel packs in your insulated bag work best. You can opt to buy re-usable cold sources or make your own by filling a bottle with water and freezing it.

Tip: Freeze a water-soaked sponge and place it in a Ziploc bag to create a no-mess ice pack. No more leaks!