Differences between a crossbody bag and a sling bag

crossbody bag

The real point of difference between cross-body bags and sling bags comes down to style and perception (especially in the office). In today’s modern professional office you are going to have trouble getting away with a sling bag which will not be the case when you take a crossbody bag instead. Crossbody bags also tend to be bigger than sling bags which is a great factor to consider in this bag market. Some people may refer to cross body bags as sling bags and vice versa but they have a point. You may also find yourself struggling a lot with the tiny defining details of each bag respectively.

Pros of a Sling Bag

  1. A sling bag can help you short-circuit the habit that most people have of filling space just because you have it. People always want more and more room and the moment they have it, they feel a need to fill it. This can be a dangerous habit if not controlled in time. A sling bag can really assist since it will usually have only enough room for what you need; keys, wallet, headphones, and maybe your water bottle.
  2. Sling bags assist you to simplify your life. Carrying a sling bag means: less bulk to manage and fewer pockets to check for whatever it is that you are looking for.
  3. These bags can be more comfortable over prolonged use compared to shoulder bags.
  4. You can quickly and easily access your stuff without taking the bag off.

Cons of a sling Bag

  1. Generally have a lower carrying capacity than backpacks and other bag styles.
  2. They are not as good at carrying heavy loads since the weight of the bag is put across one shoulder only. This could result in both neck and shoulder strain as well as posture problems.

Pros of a crossbody Bag

  1. Security- With these bags so closely tied to your body it is hard for you not to feel secure. We have all been in a crowded space such as a concert or public transport and we had to stay alert the entire time. This is not the case with a crossbody bag since your belongings are attached to you and therefore much harder to steal.
  2. They are statement making- With how popular these bags are among celebrities, they are ideal if you desire to make a big fashion statement. This, however, can be a con for many who do not want to make a retro-glam statement.
  3. They often have larger interior compartments best suited for bigger gear, or more of it.
  4. Contents are easily accessible, right by your side.
  5. They are quite easy to put down whenever you need to.
  6. If you are carrying another bag as well, the crossbody bag strap can be layered under backpack straps reasonably comfortably.
  7. These bags also tend to be significantly less expensive than their larger counterparts. Regardless of the size, these bags will tend to be cheaper and will hold their contents in a more structured and robust fashion.
  8. Cross body bags are often made of more durable materials and water-resistant than other bags. They use thicker canvas for shielding the bags from weather elements. Other materials such as ballistic nylon and vinyl waterproof tarp lining are used inside the bag to keep it waterproof.
  9. More ideal for bad weather- When it is raining it might be a little concerning for you to have a bag on your back since you cannot see the bag and don’t know how much water is getting under your umbrella. This issue is sorted when you opt for a cross body bag because you can clutch it to you when it is raining and protect your valuables.

Cons of a crossbody Bag

  1. Never provides the balanced comfort of a backpack.
  2. The sling can compromise posture and put a strain on shoulders, neck, hips, and back if worn for long distances with a heavyweight.
  3. They are not as accessible. It is not always as easy to scramble around your hand in a crossbody bag and manage to locate the item you are looking for. The zip will almost always be done up for security reasons and this can throw you off in a rush.
  4. They won’t fit everything. This, however, can be a good thing as this will make you clean out whatever is not necessary.
  5. They are not hands-free. These bags will swing around most of the time because of the mono strap design.
  6. They are statement making. These bags take us back in time to the 80s and maybe a retro-glam fashion statement is not what you are aiming for.