Differences between a Duffle Bag and a Suitcase

Duffel bag Vs Suitcase

A Duffle Bag

A duffle, duffel, or kit bag is a big bag manufactured using innate or artificial fiber (commonly canvas). A duffel bag is commonly used by the non-commissioned military officers and by civilians for sports, trips, and leisure.

A duffel bag is known as a seabag when used by marines or sailors. The lack of stiffness and open structure of the duffel bag makes it suitable for carrying sports equipment and similar unwieldy items.

A Suitcase

This is a form of baggage. It’s mostly a bit flat, oblong-shaped bag with a bit rounded square corners. It’s made of either hard plastic, metal, or cloth, leather, or vinyl which more or less keeps its shape.

On one side, the suitcase has a carrying handle and it’s mostly used for carrying toiletries, clothes, and other small effects when traveling. Hard-shell cases open on hinges just like a door. Suitcases can be locked with keys or a combination.

Let’s now compare suitcases and duffle bags. Take a look!

Differences between a Duffle Bag and a Suitcase

What you choose to carry your luggage relies on coziness and personal preferences. However, sometimes it’s better to have one type than the other. Here, we delve into a big debate; when going on a journey, what’s best to carry with you? Is it a duffel bag or a suitcase?

Here are the differences:

Duffle BagsSuitcases
They are more exposed to theft as most of them have zippers that are easy to openThey aren’t vulnerable to theft as most of them have an in-built lock while others can be secured using a padlock
They are spacious and flexible and can hold more irregularly-shaped items. They can, therefore, accommodate a lot of stuff.They aren’t flexible and most of them have a fixed shell. The space in suitcases is limited
When traveling on rough terrain, it’s best to carry a duffel bag.On smooth roads, and when your travel plans are predictable, suitcases are easy to use.
They aren’t durableThey are more durable than duffel bags
They are suitable for casual travelersSuitcases are most suitable for formal or refined travelers
When using public transport, boats, trains, or bikes, a duffel bag is more usefulWhen getting chauffeured to your destination or driving a car, a suitcase is the best
They come in a limited number of sizesThey come in a variety of sizes
Good for transporting equipment over short distancesBest for transporting items over long distances
The straps and handles of duffel bags will cause strain to your hands and shouldersPulling a suitcase with wheels is easier on your body
You can pack items in a duffel bag without arranging themYou have to arrange items for a suitable fit
They have small garment sleeves where you can arrange your clothesThey provide an expansion feature

Advantages of a Duffle Bag

There are many good reasons to travel with a duffle bag. With a pliable structure, long-lasting exterior, and ample space, it’s easy to see why this style of baggage is popular. Here are the benefits of duffle bags in detail:

1. It’s Flexible

A duffle bag’s pliability makes it easy to squeeze into small spaces unlike the somewhat stiffer structure of a suitcase. If you’ve ever attempted squeezing your bag into a tightly packed overhead chamber, you’ll value the benefits of traveling with such a flexible piece of baggage.

Apart from being pliable, numerous duffle bags are made of water-resistant materials. You’ll not be annoyed if you get caught up in bad weather (remember that water resistance isn’t similar to waterproof and, therefore, don’t go dipping your duffel bag into pools).

2. It’s Roomy and Easy to Pack

One of the best things about duffle bags is how spacious they are. Their unstructured and cylindrical form is ideal for travelers looking for lots of space for unwieldy equipment.

Numerous duffle bags can be opened from the side also, which makes packing easier. This feature is more useful when you need to store away stuff such as diving equipment or snow boots in your duffel bag.

3. It’s Great for all your Traveling Needs

Duffel bags are an essential item for every trip. They make it easier to access your possessions and are also easy to carry as they are lightweight. Since duffle bags are ideal for travel, numerous firms create rolling duffle bags for extra convenience.

Many rolling and traditional duffle bags are sized as hand baggage to simplify your flight plans. Duffle bags are ideal for weekend holidays, road trips, and overnighters.

4. They are Made of High-Quality and Durable Materials

You’re no longer tied to the poorly ventilated, old canvas duffle bags. Duffle bags come in a wide variety of fabrics comprising laminated nylon skins, ripstop nylon, and other long-lasting and water-resistant fabrics that retain their good shape wherever you go with them.

5. They are available in a Wide Variety of Sizes and Shapes

Duffle bags are available in all shapes and sizes, from hand luggage to 12,200 cubic inches (200 liters) or more. The shape and amount of gear you carry will help figure out the capacity you require.

Although the traditional duffle bag is generally cylindrical, a bag with a flat bottom and an oblong shape has ample space to pack more equipment.

Bottom Line

Duffel bags can help give your traveling experience a sense of freedom. A duffel bag is ideal for occasional trips, particularly if you have a lot of power cords or shoes or unusually shaped items. They are also important when it comes to carrying gifts.

If you’re going on a more official tour, or you want to wheel your bag rather than carrying it around, you’ll possibly want to stick with traditional baggage, and use a rolling suitcase.